Eid Greeting Cards

We are excited to introduce our bespoke greeting card design and print service.

Whether you are a corporate professional or business owner you need to keep in touch with your industry colleagues, customers, and partners often. What better way than to remember them on special occasions.

Below we have provided a variety greetings cards for the upcoming Eid celebrations for you to select from. Once selected you can order print or e-cards through whatsapp at +92 334 1895694.


E-Cards include single JPEG image with company logo Rs 500 each

Print Cards: Include front and back cover and blank insides

50 cards Rs 6,500
100 cards Rs 8,500
250 cards Rs 14,500
500 cards Rs 23,500
1000 cards Rs 45,500

Expect delivery within 4 - 5 days from date of order.

*13% Sindh Provincial SST and 10% Federal WHT taxes will be assessed on corporate orders