Daewoo Adda

Daewoo Adda is a subsidiary of the renowned Daewoo Group, Pakistan’s leading player in the logistics industry (intercity and intracity passenger transport/courier/trucking/waste management), boasting the largest intercity bus fleet (Daewoo Express), service network, and urban transport service.

Daewoo Adda is poised to simplify the experience to appropriate freight solutions for shippers and transporters, regardless of the scale they’re operating at.

Inspurate Business Services’ engagement with Daewoo Adda began at the getgo where we activated Daewoo Adda’s brand by developing a 360-degree brand strategy starting from their logo conceptualization. The engagement included the following services:


Daewoo Adda Logo
Daewoo Adda Business Card
Daewoo Adda voucher design
Daewoo Adda Letterhead
Daewoo Adda powerpoint